Another rescue flight and the International Market

Mootchie (or Arabella, her new name) is one of our garage cats we'd just managed to get spayed and bring inside a couple weeks ago. This past weekend we managed to fly her and the last garage cat, Stripey (now Diego) to their new homes in California!

Mike needed to travel to Phoenix this week and his awesome friend Kraig was willing to pick him up in Tijuana and drive him and the cats up to the rescue in Orange County. To get both cats up there I flew to Tijuana as well. Unfortunately, when we went to check in we found out we had the wrong carriers for the cats. In a panic we called our taxi driver and begged him to buy some hard cases at Petco and meet us at the airport. It was the most incredibly tense hour I have had in a long time. We moved the cats into cages and rushed to security. Both cats needed to get out again so they could x-ray the cages. Mike opened Stripey's cage and he popped right out ready to explore. I opened Mootchie's cage and she had glued herself to the back of it. I turned it upside-down and shook it and no dice. She would NOT come out and all of the security officers laughed as I struggled to pull her out. In the end they just looked the cage over and sent us on our way.
The flight was uneventful and Kraig was waiting for us across the brige in San Diego. I help load the cats in and headed back into Tijuana airport for an epic five hour wait for my flight back. It was a long dull day and the Starbucks had no coffee drinks available (no espresso) so I was forced to wait with tea.
Last week we made it out to the International Market that just sprung up in town.
There were some incredible sculptures.

The Aztecs had an interesting focus on birth in this series.
Anyway it was great to get out of the studio and enjoy Mexico!
In other news my new book has a release date!
It will be out officially on April 30th... YAY! In less than thrilling news I fell down the stairs last evening and have a lump on my head and my knee... Also my foot is very, very sore. The only good thing about it is that my iPad is ok! (I was looking to see if it charged while I was walking dowwn the steps). Anyway, today is all about convalescing. Have good night and stay safe.


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