Cat Crisis

The last two weeks have been exhausting. Our cat, Tiger (one of the kittens we took in during quarantine), became blocked and was unable to pee. This turns out to be a very, very serious condition.
We had him in at the animal hospital for two separate days, now he's going in daily for bladder checks and medication. It's been a time. Fortunately, he hasn't cost that much. The vet in Mexico is super affordable. So far all his expenses have come to about $120 USD. Anyway in the last two days, he's started improving but it's been really upsetting, and considering he's the nicest cat in the world he's a demon when he needs a pill. 

 In other news, we've booked our trips to the States to get the vaccine. I was waffling for a while, but I just don't see another way. It's really frustrating how hard it is here to get it. So the "free" vaccine will cost us thousands. Yay! This week my book was included in this article about "Books about the Beach" which is very cool, and Mike has a new interview out here! Have an excellent week from all of us!


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