Plague Days 2020: Voting online and Halloween orders are shipped!

Halloween was slow compared to previous years, but I still had a ton of last minute orders. I shipped them all on Monday. Since El Correo (The Mexican Post Office) has halted all service to the United States I had to ship via Fedex and DHL exclusively. They are quite a bit more expensive, but only take 3 days to deliver, so it's a trade off.

Over a year ago I made this fox mask for "The Traveling Mask Project" to be shipped to photographers all over the USA. Anyway it's made it to Chicago!!

This week my new book "The Dragon in The Closet, Issue #1, The Curse" is downloadable for free in The Google play store. This is the promo code ENTT0FKNFN79V
Please write me a review if you do download! 

     This is just another one of many paintings I'm finishing for my upcoming children's book "Fireflies".I'm working pretty steadily on it and show have the book release by January!

   This week, Chloe has traveled to Mexico City to be with her new significant other. Dating in COVID times is insane. Traveling during a plague is insane. Everything about life these days is insane. Anyway, when she returns she'll be self isolating for a couple of weeks, and I really, really hope she's being safe during her time there, but she's been quite cautious so far since this whole pandemic started.

   Before she left she filled in her ballot from the "Vote from Abroad" website and uploaded it to the Maricopa County official site for international voters. We're lucky that Arizona is set up this way, many expats are struggling to mail in their ballots in time, and now have to pay the expensive prices set forth by Fedex or DHL, because it's no longer an option to use the federal mail system here. Anyway, we have all voted (except Naomi who is 9 months too young!). If you're from the USA, please take the time to vote this year during this very important election. Anyway see you on the other side!


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