The blur of the holidays

This December has been flying past. Literally. I have spent much of it at the airport. Picking up Chloe, then Phoebe, then Naomi and Phoebe flew to Tijuana to meet up with their Nana and go to winter camp (also renewing Naomi's legal status in Mexico).

A few weeks ago I displayed my masks at the Zona Dorada art walk and now have numerous masks exhibited inside DZ Gallery in that district of the city.

We had a quiet Christmas with my three daughters reconnecting with each other and many beach walks at sunset. (The weather here is finally perfect).

While her sisters are away we've taken some time showing Chloe around this incredible city.

The Malecon at night is spectacular.

Chloe in front of the ocean.

We ventured over to La cueva del diablo (Devil's Cave).

This is a sign from the restaurant we ate at (it advises against entering the cave).

Mike at the restaurant.

We also took Chloe out to see "Rise of Skywalker" (which only costs $2.85 USD a ticket here) and we actually saw it in English!

Since we moved into the new house we've been going broke a lot (coming up the equivalent of four months rent last month was not easy!) so we've started up our auctions online again! 

Tonight we will watch fireworks from the beach to welcome the new year!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


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