On Friday Mike left to go to Portland for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival. So it's just Naomi and I here in Mazatlán.

Naomi has finally worked her sleep schedule back around to almost normal hours today(people with depression often have trouble with sleep.), so I took her and Oscar out to breakfast on the boulevard.

     That's my café moka (it looked better before I took a sip), and some tortilla chips to snack on before we got our eggs. Breakfast was good, but very filling.  After some discussion we decided to check out the Mazatlán Aquarium today.  We'd been meaning to go for some time and Mike never likes zoos and aquariums all that much.
a "Pulmonia" or open air taxi

   We stood by the bus stop until a pulmonia came by. They negotiate a better deal if you look like you'll just hop on the bus. He said $80 pesos ($4 dollars for the 2 of us) I thought that was fair. So off we went.

Naomi standing with the massive statue out front. It was so bright (and hot) she couldn't even look at me!

Admission to the Aquarium was $230 for both of us (we count as 2 adults), that's $11.77 in dollars.

This is the gardens right outside.

The aquarium was packed with people. This is a grouper.

Here he is with a friend

And with a sea turtle.

We learned there are A LOT of different kinds of sea turtles in the waters of Mazatlán. There's also a sea turtle rescue we could volunteer with right here.

There was a huge collection of jelly fish.

And I learned that jelly fish in Spanish is "medusario", which is perfect because of all their tentacles!

This is the huge baline whale skeleton that is a prerequisite for any science center by the ocean.

A display of fishing lures. Fishing is big business here.

Naomi getting her fingers cleaned. You could stick your hand through here and the tiny fish nibbled on the dry skin on your hands. It tickled... A LOT.

Outside we saw flamingoes, alligators, peacocks and went to the sea lion show.

These guys were pretty awesome. They even danced with the trainer and stood all the way up.

These pelicans were just hanging out. They're wild birds who beg the sea lion trainer for extra fish that he tosses them sometimes.

Koi fish in a crowded aquarium.

    So after looking around and a brief meander through the gift shop we headed out. A pulmonia driver met us at the exit and asked if we wanted a ride. We were hot and tired so I said yes right away, even though he was charging more to come back than we paid to get there. About halfway home on the busy boulevard my hat flew off my head and went into the street.
  He pulled over and put his blinkers on. Then he backed up on that crazy road, and he hopped out and walked back to my hat, pulling it out of the path of a bus. As he jumped back onto the sidewalk he fell down "splat!"and got a bloody nose on the sidewalk. I honestly can't remember feeling like such an incredible jerk ever before, I should have stopped him from running after my hat. I was going to get out but I couldn't open the door from the inside. Anyway he bled all the way back and wiped his nose a million times and I gave him a tip (which you don't usually do here for taxis).

I spent the rest of the day working on Halloween mask orders. These are ready to be dispatched, hopefully tomorrow. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


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