New kittens and a mask making workshop

We're still mourning the loss of our cat Gigi, which led us to do something a bit impulsive. 

We adopted 2 kittens from the local animal rescue. This one is Rosa.

This one is Tuck. They are siblings and the only 2 of their litter to survive after being pulled off the streets of Mazatlán. They've started getting used to us, but we should have named them "Dia" and "Noche".  Rosa is up all day and Tuck is up all night.

I spent this week running mask making workshops over at Maple Tree Academy Preschool.

We talked about Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos and made animal masks, and Katrina masks.

The children did really well!

We went out surfing again this week and I have mastered the skill of filling my bathing suit with sand. I also have managed to start to stand on the board, but then find myself jumping off! Naomi is also slowly improving. We go out around 5pm because I want the sun to be low, and this time I saw huge fish jumping out of the water as the sun sank below the waves. It was pretty magical.

     Anyway today it's Halloween in the United Sates. So have an extra scary one!!!


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