Still packing, and selling and kids are back to school

Chloe in her dorm room in August, 2016

Three years ago Chloe started her Freshman year at Stephens College. This week she began her classes for her senior year! Inching ever closer to her Bachelors degree.

This week I finished up my many mask orders for my shop and placed the store on hiatus, while we move to Mexico. This mask is a tropical bird mask for a large order from New York, to be used in a music video.

       Mike and I are both continuing to eBay our artwork this week as it helps reduce what we have to deal with for the move (and, well, money!). I'm auctioning this group of comic pages (original art) with a signed copy of the graphic novel of "The Horribles". Hopefully it will sell since it's a very heavy book and our car will be over loaded!

This weekend, this little girl will turn 16! Naomi will celebrate with her friends tomorrow, Phoebe leaves Wednesday for her semester in New York City, and then we leave for Mazatlán on Friday!!

(PS. As I write this Mazatlán is getting hit with a hurricane, so hopefully the place won't be flooded out when we get there!)


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