Leaving Phoenix

 We landed in Phoenix, Arizona almost 7 years ago. I say landed because settling in a city in the middle of the desert was not really our plan. We came here because of family and stayed because my kids were in high school and other local obligations. This desert has been good to us and I know there will always be things I miss about Phoenix but we are so excited for our next adventures!

Last night we dropped off Phoebe at the airport for her new semester in NYC! She's starting school next week and took a red eye to Newark, NJ. Inside the blue box Mike is holding is all the things we pulled out of her big suitcase to make it under the 50lb weight limit! I'll be shipping those things in the next hour or so.

Here's Mike cramming some final things into our rented storage space.

We packing it to the ceiling!!

As you can see it's very full (and we've gotten rid of so, so much!)

Tonight we pack the car and tomorrow morning we start our long drive to Mazatlán!


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