Prom night and deadlines

Last night was Phoebe's prom.

She was trying to pose with Oscar (our dog) because she was going to meet her friends downtown.
He's not a well trained dog (or trained at all really), so he wandered off and licked himself a lot for the camera.

Phoebe, though, looked really stunning.

Her prom was held at the Hard Rock Cafe way downtown, and since this whole prom thing was last minute she was going to take the light rail (my kids are so much hipper than I ever was, I rented a stupid limo!). Anyway, we talked her into taking an uber (Did you see those shoes!). 

Her prom is last minute because she is graduating a year early. She has done some extra work to cover her last English credit so she will actually walk at graduation this year!

For me things have been hectic the last few months, because I'm working on a children's book job.

It's a book call "Annie Goes To Oak Island" and features actual people and places on Oak Island. There is a TV show called  "The Curse of Oak Island" on the History Channel and it has a lot of the same people as in the show. Anyway the deadline for this book is looming. Along with teaching and mask making I'm pretty swamped.

Anyway, it's May so we're trying to limit our a/c to just a couple hours at night, but that's getting more difficult. Phoenix is gearing up for the massive heat blast we call summer. At this point in the year it's like a clock ticking down.... Here it comes!


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