Phoebe's big news!

Last weekend blindsided us with amazing news from my 17 year old, Phoebe. She has been applying to many pre-college programs, hoping we'd be able to get the funds somehow to send her. One of them was a summer astrophysics program at Yale, a super competitive program that only accepts 20-30 applicants from all over the world. Anyway she got in!! We incredibly proud of her, but have no clue how to cover the cost of it, so she launched a GoFundMe which has already raised enough for the initial deposit!

She's offering to paint a portrait for anyone who donates $100 or more. Which is an incredible deal for a painting on canvas! 

In other news, my sculpture for "The Mutant Piñata Show" sold out of the gallery last week. It was bought by the publisher of Echo Magazine and he's bringing to his house in Mexico.

I've also been creating new masks for my Artisan Masks shop. This is the preying mantis mask. I'm quite happy with it!


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