An exhibit in Mesa

Last weekend we went to an art opening at the Mesa Museum of Contemporary Art. The art of Patti Warashina was in the first room and it was truly unusual.

A smiling cat.

Mike and Phoebe studying a sculpture.

The way she sculpted animals was unusual and very human.

This is a picture of Max Ginsberg's piece unfortunately it's at an extreme angle. This artist was there and had flown in from NY. He talked to us for a while, and it turns out he actually taught at the School of Visual Arts in NYC where Mike and I both attended and met.

Here's the painting from the internet. It's a typical cross section of people that you'd see all the time in New York. Amazing to see in person.

An incredible and disturbing sculpture of a middle aged woman throwing a tantrum.

The sculpture in the courtyard by the band.

The opening was a huge event with music and food and a cash bar.  I was watching the band and realizing I really wanted some water but the food line was pretty long. Phoebe says "Don't worry I'll text Naomi. " (who was already in line.)
"No, no, I'll go." So I waited and got some water and a few snacks.
2 hours later I was sitting and painting a mask at home and Naomi rushes out of her room and gets me a tub of paint water. "Phoebe texted me to get you some water. "

This week I was contacted by a buyer who purchased my sculpture " An Intelligent Breed".  She sent me a photo of his new location in Sun City West,  Arizona. She said they call him Paco, and I think he looks fantastic here!!

Anyway coming soon is my next mask making workshop at the Cholla Library. I'm really excited because this time I'm working with adults! 

A Moroccan Iftar meal (or break fast meal)

Lastly, Ramadan has begun again and I'd just like to wish my friends in Morocco a Blessed Ramadan!!  


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