Halloween and a chalk festival

Last week Mike went to Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. He was gone for 4 days which was a drag.

Anyway, I've been so busy with masks that Halloween just suddenly happened! Here's Phoebe on her way out that night. She's wearing her Lava girl costume that she whipped together in an impressive 2 hours before a party using scissors and a glue gun. It lights up!

Naomi was Fantastic Mr. Fox

Here she is with her friend Harmony.

The scariest part of Halloween was my doctor's appointment which was all about cancer screenings and getting genetically tested for the breast cancer gene (there's a family history).

This is my painting "Circling Fish" that I'll be recreating in chalk with my assistant, Naomi, on a 12'x12' space.   On Thursday Naomi and I are flying to Tampa, Florida. We're guest artists at the Sarasota Chalk art Festival and will be staying next to the beach with artists from all over the world! Very excited!


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