The Wibler Whately Mask and driving lessons

For the last couple of weeks I've been slowly building the largest mask I'd ever been commissioned on....

It's a Wilber Whately Mask. This is a creature from H.P. Lovecraft's writings and will be part of a two person costume for a performance in LA.

It's supposed to be a mutant baby face, and look very grotesque. 

The rest of the costume is being constructed in LA for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival next weekend. Mike and Naomi are attending and will deliver it for me. 

While they're at the film festival, Phoebe and I will be recreating my painting "Cats in the Orange Tree" as a large chalk mural up at the Westgate Entertainment Center in Glendale for the citywide Phoenix Chalk art Festival. This is one of the hardest festivals because the city has started heating up. Usually it's in the mid nineties and we spend part of the day in the sun.

Also next weekend Chloe will be directing her play. She's one of the directors of the five minute film festival at her school. Hopefully I'll get lots of pictures!  

The last few weeks we've started teaching Chloe to drive. I've been nervous about it, as the first day I drove, I mixed up the pedals and slammed the family car into the tree in our front yard. My dad cracked the windshield with his head and the whole front end was destroyed.... So Chloe took her time learning to drive and we hired an instructor for her first time out. 

Unfortunately for her first drive it turned out she was suffering from a full blown case of strep throat and was a bit delirious. The second time I took her, and she found the brake and used it... A lot, but that's better than slamming on the gas. Mike took her yesterday and he said she's pretty good, so I guess she's getting better fast, but the experience of teaching a teen to drive in our only vehicle has been agonizing. Anyway since she's heading away for college in the fall I want her to have some driving experience. Possibly even a license! I wish this city didn't have quite so many crazy drivers though....

In other news Mike's comic " I am a Barbarian" debuted on The Edgar Rice Burroughs site at EdgarRiceBurroughs.com

 It looks fantastic and a new page goes up every week in English and Spanish!!


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