The octopus and the mosquito

In the last few days I finished my octopus.  By that I mean I completed my sculpture...

Here he is from the side.. 

... And from above.
  The title of this one is "Reading in The Bath" and it's the first time I had to mimic water in a sculpture.  I was tremendously nervous about it.  I used something called gel wax that can be heated on the stove and solidifies to a clear gel.  It was nerve wracking to pour this on my finished art!

Anyway I've moved on to my next sculpture.  This one is for "The Mutant Piñata Show" at the Frontal Lobe Gallery. It's called "Neato Mosquito" and will likely be very big,  even though I was trying to go a little smaller this year...

Mosquito in progress.

Just the tail.

Many legs. 

I'm trying to get him finished quickly this year so I can keep up with my other sculptures!

In other news I'm back teaching and the kids are back in school.  I also have a new book out...

It's a picture book for kids ages 2 and up!  You can get your copy here.


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