Neato Mosquito -my giant bug

In the last few days I've assembled and started painting my Mosquito piñata for this year's "Mutant Piñata show" at The Frontal Lobe Gallery.

I was going to make my piñata smaller this year, and while he is smaller than last year's he's still pretty big for my working space.

Here he is with some underpainting done from the side.

And from the front.

And here I am working on his wings.

The wings flop back and forth and will be suspended in a flying position with fishing line when he's hung at the show.  Anyway I still have quite a bit of painting to go! 

 In the mean time we're loving the perfect weather we get this time of year.  I even switched to shorts the other day after walking outside in the sun. This winter in Phoenix almost makes up for last summer's misery.  


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