Hand Turkeys and Books of Whimsy

Road Kill Hand Turkey
This month's hand turkeys have been coming along (I do one each day until Thanksgiving).

Yellow Submarine

I've been doing this for a few years now, so I'm starting to be at a point where I'll be happy to take requests (so feel free to message me or make suggestions in the comments.)

Really big Hand Turkey

Anyway aside from turkeys and teaching I began work on my upcoming solo show, opening next August, called "Books of Whimsy".  This is the sketch for one of the pieces.

It's called "The Troll".  And here he is finished....

Now I've begun work on this sculpture...

A Tale of Misfortune
Here it is in progress....

Anyway, the polar vortex has reached all the way down to Phoenix and our temperatures have plummeted down to ....  69ºF.  The kids at Chloe's school are bundled up!  (or so she says).

This week is Phoebe's birthday and on Thursday she'll be in her theater group's fall performance, called "The Antics of The Performing Arts" .  Chloe is also performing with her theater group at Thesp-Con next weekend.  I won't see that one though as I'd have to buy a ticket to the whole convention just to watch her in one skit!  (Also I teach that day.) 

Have a great week and stay warm!


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