Goodbye elementary school, and "Kids these days"

On Thursday we attended Naomi's "Going Forth" ceremony....

Here she is getting an award for "Academic Achievement"...

... And here she is at the end of the ceremony with her certificates.  So she's done with elementary school, and since she's the youngest that means, we're all done with elementary school!  YAY!

On Friday night we went to "Kids These Days", the 5 minute play festival at the Phoenix Theatre downtown.  Chloe was performing in 2 of the plays  all of which were written, performed, acted and directed by students from the Metropolitan Arts Institute (Chloe's school).

 I got as far as photographing the backdrop before I realized photography wasn't allowed....

Anyway, the plays were really good!  Chloe was quite hilarious in her roles.

In the meantime we're entering the dreaded summer here in Phoenix.  Our temperatures have been up the 100º's again. It's funny because the toughest thing about summer for me is dragging myself out of bed at 5:30am everyday so I can walk the dog in cooler morning temperatures. For anyone who's had to rise early for work or school I'm sure you're thinking, I've done that you can get used to it, but I don't.  Perhaps it's because it's for 4 months straight without a day to sleep in even once.... Oh well, at least we're not actually on fire like they are in San Diego right now!


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