The last 8 days in 4 paragraphs

This week we put in Phoebe's application to go to the local arts middle school.  It's connected to Chloe's high school, which is an amazing school.  Just last year they were one of a couple of schools that sent questions in to the astronauts in the international space station.  The day they spoke to the astronauts all the kids and faculty dressed for "space"  (space aliens, astronauts, space ships).  Anyway it's been a great environment for Chloe and I think Phoebe will love it too.  Also she's a pretty talented artist in my totally biased opinion....

In the mean time Chloe auditioned for the school play and is now going to be a "Goddess" in their production of The Tempest.  She's super excited.  She's also the only 10th grader I know who actually loves Shakespeare.

Last week Mike was commissioned to create prop comics (no, I don't mean comedians who use props).  He needed to draw comic book  art that could be printed and used in the TV show "Dads" and it all had to be drawn, colored and ready for print in 24 hours.  So he said "Sure. No problem."  Which meant I was recruited to color them and we pulled our first all nighter since.... um, college?  I don't know, ages anyway. It was intense, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

In other news I've been selected to be a featured artist at the annual "Tempe Marketplace Chalk Festival"!  So I'll be creating a mural in a single day on the sidewalk.  This is the sketch I wanted them to pick....

This is the sketch they decided to go with.....

So come find me on the lovely tiled sidewalk on Nov. 9th at the Tempe Marketplace!

Anyway yesterday was our show "Art of The Red River", other than me flubbing my guest's name it was a great show!  We had fantasy artist Gilead, pet portrait artist Susan Barken, and children's book illustrator Jamie Hogan.... Check it out!!


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