Snail #2 gets pretty in purple....

In the last week or so I began painting the second snail for the Grand Ave. Festival in October.

I began with my everlasting jar of yellow paint I purchased in Argentina when I was working on "The Secret Garden".  Since then I've used it on sets for three Looking Glass Theatre productions and more paintings than I can count!

My next step was to paint his shell and white out his eyes.  The light bulbs I recycled for this snails eyes are much bigger.

Then I painted in his pupils (the bigger eyes on this one made his cuter I think!).  I also began a purple under painting on his head and body. (An under painting is sort of a base coat.)

Here he is starting to look more purple.

Then I put on the lighter purple.

Anyway after all that I got hot.  Really hot, so I moved him to the kitchen table.

When it's well over 100ºF it's better to work in the A/C.

So, here he is a slightly blurry picture of the second snail!

Now I just need a better place to store him than the kitchen table.

Anyway today is Mike's birthday and we are all going out for some IMAX fun this evening... Cheers!


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