The Cold Desert

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” 
 John Steinbeck

It's cold now.  Not "New England" freezing cold, but each morning as I get the kids off to school I can see my breath puff through the air, and I have to wear socks. It's getting too cold for sandals, and we're wearing jackets each day.  For Christmas we're heading north again into the "high desert".  I know it's colder there so we'll be packing winter coats.

Christmas is fast approaching and... Well, I'm not ready. At all. At least the kids are still in school for next couple of days, and I can follow the hoard of shoppers to the mall, careening my way through the mad, mad traffic.  People here in Phoenix drive so badly, I see about one accident a week.

This promo video for a film Mike (my husband) did some creature design work on was just released today. They show his concept drawings in it which is pretty cool as this kind of thing is rarely seen by the public!

 Anyway, yesterday I was driving in the city and put on my right signal to change lanes, and the craziest thing happened, an SUV in the right lane slowed down and LET ME IN! He even waited for me while I slowly processed that he was really doing this! It's a Christmas miracle.


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