Lemons and Kittens

Right now it's raining.... RAINING!!! All of sudden, mid day, the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up and suddenly the temperature's dropped below 90ºF!  Just like that I'm wearing jacket.

A saguaro cactus

Meanwhile we continue our adjustment to this desert city.  This is one of many of the cacti giants that pepper the street corners,  and stand tall in people's yards. 

We call this a "Speed Bump" in New York (generally a "speed hump" is something else)... It still cracks me up when I see it.

We go walking in the evening, when the sun has finally given up it's daily assault on our senses.  Yesterday evening we walked around the corner to find a man with a kitten.  Moments later in was in my arms and I was listening to a VERY hard sell on why we should take this little guy home.  It was tough.

In the end we walked away without him.  My cat, Izzy, does not play well with others.

This is a picture of our refrigerator door. As you can see our lemon tree out back is producing lemons like crazy.  We have so many still to pick.... Thank goodness my kids love lemonade! It's all we drink these days.

"Hand turkey #6-The airplane window" by Carolyn Watson Dubisch

As you can see the hand turkeys just keep coming over on my art blog....

"Hand Turkey #7" ©Carolyn Watson Dubisch
Be sure to check it out!!


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