Monsters in Burbank

On Sunday morning after a late night of "Seussical" we headed out to Burbank for "Monsterpalooza"!!

Right in the front room was this guy getting made up....
He sat there for hours and every so often during the day we checked back on the progress...
This is him wearing all the appliances.
Now the girls are starting to apply some color.

When he was nearly finished we got to pose with him.

    Here he is after hours of sitting still.  No, I don't think he went nuts-That straight jacket's just part of his crazy bird guy costume!!!  

Of course as we walked around there were so many things to see I used up my memory card in my camera!

Inside the museum we found "Reagan".

When I was fourteen I showed "The Exorcist" at my slumber party.  Many of my guests went home, the others didn't sleep so well! By the way this was an amazing sculpture.

"Beetlejuice" walked around all day, and was nearly as annoying as the character in the movie.

These faces looked incredibly real.
The girls were enjoying themselves...

These amazing masks are by our friend Bruce Fuller.
This is another friend, Jason Hite with his incredible sculptures in his booth.

Off to see the wizard....
Let's not forget "Tick Tock"!!!

What beautiful blue eyes you have!
 They met in line!

Phoebe was ecstatic to meet reality show star, Jo Holland, from this season's "Face-off" on the Syfy Channel!  (Okay, okay,so was I!).

So many monsters....

So much great art...
"Monsterpalooza" was a blast!!


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