"SAN DIEGO!!! What could be worse than SAN DIEGO!!!"

For anyone who hasn't seen the movie
684 times, the title of this post is a quote from that. For those of you who haven't seen it at all.... The animals are freaking out because they think they may have been transferred to the "world famous San Diego Zoo". They are actually in Madagasgar, and we were actually in the zoo, just yesterday. Madagasgar is also a place I would like to see, though I'm sure it's nothing like the movie.

As we entered they handed us a map, and here I am puzzling over it, which is how I looked most of the day.

Hey look a sign with Chloe's name on it!

This place is a maze... Let's just take the "Skyfari" to the other side...

Away we go!

This is just like in Argentina!!!

....and here we are....

Okay... So where are we?
This is some kind of deer.

Probably African or something.

This is a Red Hog. Definitely African.

Oh look "Polar Bear Plunge"...

Silver Bears...

A book about bears...

Mike is shorter than a bear (yes-it's life size).

Here are the kids posing with a seal. This seal represents a mid-day snack for a polar bear.

....And okay, I didn't take any pictures of the actual bears, because they were just sleeping piles of fur, but here's Naomi in a chopper.

So we wandered off from here down "Hippo Trail"...

Awesome decision... This guy here can snap an alligator in half with his jaws!

Phoebe loves hippos!

Then we encountered a silverback gorilla.

This is the only animal I really felt sorry for in this zoo (most zoos it's EVERY animal, but this one has huge and amazing enclosures). This guy knows where he is, though.

Now he's posing for the paparazzi.

So which way are we going!!

This one looks interesting...

Pretty fish!

A caiman.

Wow, this is a pygmie hippo!

The fish clean him.

The hippo was great! (except when he pooped against the glass!)

The fish were even cooler! (though I think they ate it!)

So where are we now?

We stopped for dinner, and some acrobats showed up!

From here we made our way back to "Skyfari"... Past this "monkey house"

Today I am limping from wandering about, but we saw about half of that massive zoo!


Daniela said…
Awsome photos and commentary. I always have mixed emotions when I go to the zoo. Especially with the gorillas, maybe because they always seem to know they are captive.
Thanks, my husband took most of them. I steal them and get credit. ;) San Diego is a great zoo, though.

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