Back to School... Bumpy Beginnings

Well, the inevitable has happened.... School. 

It didn't seem like such a big deal last week, no one was starting a new school and this year I was going to do it right.  We'll start getting up earlier BEFORE the first day and we'll do back to school shopping over the weekend, so everyone has nice new clothes, and backpacks. Of course that didn't really work.   We were all tired on the first day from waking up early all weekend, and I bought one kid mostly bottoms and one kid mostly tops so there weren't a lot of complete outfits to go around.  Anyway we rushed them off to school and as you can see we got some fabulous pictures....

Don't you see them? Ok, I forgot. Then I brought the camera when I went to pick them up, but by then too many kids were crying....

Chloe insisted on some colorful striped tights that would have been allowed last year but this year violated uniform codes, so she got in trouble.

The real disaster is Naomi.  Her first grade teacher is super strict and scared her to death on the first day (she scared me too).  She spent the whole evening crying on and off.  Mike and I panicked, how will we get her to go back? Should she go back?  So we made an appointment with the principal and started looking into other schools in case they refuse to move her.... Then we pick her up on day 2 and she's as happy as can be and says she had a good day.   Isn't school great!


Mary Bennett said…
I'm glad things leveled out for your daughter. Being petrified is not conductive to learning.

The teacher made such a strong impression that day. It turned out that her class was overloaded with 29 kids. They have since moved a lot of them into a new class. :)

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