Last Day.... First Day

Today was Naomi and Phoebe's last day of school . Like some schools here in California, they follow a year-round schedule.  So there was a play in the kindergarten, and a party in the second grade and my oldest daughter ,Chloe (who's been out of school for weeks), wandered around grabbing cupcakes and pizza.  Naomi entered her name into the raffle for the class pet, so, of course SHE WON! So now "Bubbles #2" is swimming around in a bowl on our mantle (click here to read about Bubbles #1).

Today is also the first day of Comic Con International, where thousands upon thousands of people will descend upon the convention center downtown, and wander about in crazy getups!  Unfortunately they will share in the head cold I woke up with this morning as well.... Ugh!


Lily said…
Congratulations to your daughters!! I hope comic-con is all you hope it to be, and that you are well soon :)

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