In a room with 100,000 people...

That was us all last week at The San Diego Comic Con.

Here we are with Naomi at our booth!

Each morning we strolled past this looming Lord Voldemort (it doesn't look it but he was huge!), and wiggled our way to our spot in the back end of the Convention Hall. On Friday, I took a break from our booth and spent some time drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum's booth. They were really friendly and if you're ever up in San Francisco, the museum is well worth a visit!

The Ugly Doll booth was right nearby....

My daughters love these things!

Phoebe's also a fan of Domo of course.

Here are the girls with Lego Harry Potter and Hagrid...

...And here is the real Hagrid (He said he dresses this way all the time!).

This fox was really friendly.

I like how this guy is the exact same color as the recycle bin!

We ran into Captain America, who it turns out is a nice guy.

The Ghost Busters parked their car right in the middle of the convention hall. (Good for them...Parking in downtown San Diego was madness!)

This is Naomi with Oogey Boogey... Who definitely was not as scary as in the movie.

And last but not least, this guy is some kind of Swamp Monster.

There were of course all kinds of crazy things going on. Mike ran into Seth Green again, some guy was stabbed with a pen upstairs, and a thousand zombies wandered through the streets.

In other news, this week our downloadable comics were picked up to be distributed by
This is great news as it means they are available for free to the customers, but we still get paid by our sponsor, Image Logic!
Take a look! Cheers!

The People That Melt in The Rain

The Horribles, Book 2

Las Personas Que Se Derretin En La Lluvia

The Horribles, Book 1


Lily said…
Looks like a great time in that overcrowded room! Congratulations on the dowloadable comic books. I will pass that on!
Unknown said…
That last picture with the guy in the gillie suit is me, wow, 7 years ago that was, amazing, thanks for the picture!!!

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