On wobbly ground....

By that I mean literally. California's trembling and therefore, so am I! On Monday night a vase smashed in our living room from a 5.9 earthquake and my kids are back to hiding under their desks at school. I just felt a little rumble a few minutes ago... so the aftershocks continue.

Speaking of aftershocks, the final results for Small Press Idol's Round #3 have finally posted. Our project, "The People That Melt in The Rain" placed in fourth- BELOW the line! Then today the judges posted their decision for a "Wild Card" project. They choose a project from below the line to enter the finals... AND THEY PICKED US! To see all the nice things they said about us you can click here!
Now it's a mad work schedule to meet our deadlines as California wiggles it's way into the ocean!


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