Legos Underwater

This weekend we headed out to Sea Life Aquarium next to Legoland. In fact I think it's connected to Legoland. We had some free passes for the kids that were about to expire and Mike and I needed to get away from our computers for a while (the Small Press Idol competition is a 24 hour obsession for us...Please vote!)

Here we are heading inside....

Chloe stuck her head in a dome to view the fish from below.

Of course there were some beautiful fish,


Since it's a connected attraction there were lego themes everywhere.

Here's a lego palace.

People were allowed to add to it and change it.

If you push a button this lego man blew bubbles.

This was in the seahorse room....

Which was full of seahorse tanks and roots coming out of the ceiling (not sure why, but it looked very cool!)

This tank was full of stingrays.... The happy fish! They look like they're smiling when they swim past (I think their mouth is just shaped that way.)

This submarine in the Atlantis room is made of legos.... It looked great!

This was a tranquil room that surrounded you with a school of fish.

This tide pool was great and was flooded with simulated "waves " every few minutes.

Here's Phoebe at the touch pond.

A watery picture of King Triton in the Atlantis tank.

All in all a nice day, and yes I did run to my laptop when we got home to see if we got any more votes....
Please vote forThe People That Melt in the Rain...You can do it once a day!


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