Driving in the Golden State

Yesterday as we made one of many daily drives to school to ferry the kids about, I saw a large truck puttering along. The truck's opening in the back was "taped off " with scraps of cardboard and pieces of trash, holding in what seemed to be an abundance of trash inside it. Anywhere else the driver behind this vehicle would keep their distance as a windshield full of garbage seemed imminent, but of course, this truck had an SUV one foot from his bumper just like every other car on the road. In San Diego, everyone practices a "California rolling stop" at stop signs and the four way stop we encounter twice a day en route to the kids' school seems like a death trap. Today we're heading to Balboa Park's annual Christmas event to see a friend's daughter perform. This event will attract 300,000 visitors to the park (there are many things going on, not just four year old tap dancers). Anyway, I'll be looking at the bus schedules.


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