Christmas lists and Christmas trees

Today I wrote some Christmas lists. When I was about 8 yrs old that meant I wrote a list of things I want for Christmas, mostly a run down of various toys and games advertised on TV... At age 38 that means I write a list of people I need to buy gifts for, a list of people I need to send holiday greetings to, a list of things to buy... like, I don't know, a Christmas tree.

Buying another tree is a dilemma. For years we had a fake one in New York. It was nice to know it was there, stowed away in a box for each Christmas. Then when we moved I left it in the basement and told our renters they could use it, but I doubt they have. They brought so many things when they moved in, I'm sure there was a Christmas tree of their own in there somewhere. Then we bought a small table top tree in Argentina when we arrived. We were in our small temporary apartment and a little fake tree was the best we could do. After that we bought another large one last year since we had a sizable living room in our condo, (real trees weren't an option in Bariloche, they only sold plastic ones). I truly believed we'd use it for years, but I wasn't going to drag a Christmas tree across the world to San Diego. So here we are without a tree... again.


photo caption: Christmas morning 2008, Bariloche, Argentina
Jill said…
how about a tree in pot? That's what we had in Hawaii - it was a norfolk pine that grew alongside the kids...I also had a potted tree growing up and have fond memories of that crooked, spindly little tree....
TAMMY said…
We don't have a tree either. Some pieces of ours got lost in our move a few years back. We always travel to be with our family for Christmas so I haven't bothered to replace it. But I'm thinking about snapping one up at the after Christmas sales this year.

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