Where's the sushi?

Well, the flowers are blooming here now and "Mother's Day" is being advertised in store windows (oddly enough next to many early Christmas products). The children were in their school play,"Mary Poppins" , last week which was really cute and well done.
Now that we've been here ten months I've started to really miss some things from the United States that we just can't find. Clam chowder is I guess regional to New England, as is maple syrup. For some reason we can't find corn chips or tortilla chips of any kind and the children really miss marshmallows (though I could care less). Sushi is just not available here in this city, though another American mom we met said she knows a place to get the ingredients (I may just get desperate enough to try that... or maybe I'll be sure and have some when we go to Buenos Aires!) Peanut butter was a real issue for us, but the same Mom pointed us in the right direction and now we know of a store across town that charges extortion level prices for a jar.
When ever I really start to miss these things I think of the things I would miss if we left. Fondue is really popular here and the kids love it (chocolate and cheese flavored). The ice cream is the best I've ever tasted anywhere, as is the chocolate and there are many shops available to serve these cravings. In the States I couldn't drink the wine as I seemed to be allergic to whatever they were putting in it to preserve or enhance flavor. Here the wine is all natural and excellent. Last be certainly not least is dulce de leche, which is a popular Argentine food that is in all their desserts, cookies, cakes,etc. It's like caramel or butterscotch and sold in jars in the supermarket. There seems to be endless varieties of it and it really quite good on toast.
I've been busy lately assisting Mike. He's the artist on "The Boxcar Chlidren" comic book series and has been faced with a mad deadline on four books at once. Also I've begun a webcomic called "The Horribles" for age 6 and up. I post a new page every Monday.

It's the story of Horrible monsters. Sylvia the vicious torments Creature, the monster from under her bed.
Also Mike has started a blog of his sketchbook and about his own impressions of our life here. To take a look it's at www.TheMikeDubischSketchbook.blogspot.com
Last but not least we're keeping an eye on a volcano that's on yellow alert (not sure what that means, but it sounds alarming). It's about 50 miles southwest of us and is making some noise. Hasta luego!


Duncan Watson said…
We had trouble with Peanut butter in Munich as well. The solution was to trade beer to US forces on a nearby base for peanut butter from the commissary.

Sushi isn't hard to do just takes a bit of work and time. I have had home prepared sushi a number of times and it is amazing. I recommend it.
I guess we could try home made sushi.. I´ll need a recipe though.
Soulskier said…
The Health Food store, on O'Connor and O'Connor has corn tortilla chips, or at least they did today.

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