Santa is coming and so is everyone else......

Yesterday was our first really warm day since we arrived in Bariloche, so we joined all the locals at the shore of the lake. Families sat on the beach with their thermos of mate (a local tea loaded with tradition and ritual), and children waded and tossed little rocks into the waves.
The kids immediately went wading

Naomi just wanted to swim, but the lake is way too cold!

Phoebe in her favorite pose for the camera... We must have 15 pictures of her posing like this.

Here's Chloe after her freezing cold dip in the lake!

Here I am getting yet another sunburn... I have since bought a hat.

The beach was beautiful when we left at dusk.

This is downtown Bariloche, as you can see a storm is brewing...

This picture was near the beach looking uptown.

This is looking out the window of our condo. Mike took it on a fairly gloomy day.
School has ended here in South America and it seems everyone in this country (and many, many others) head to Patagonia. Traffic has increased A LOT and we're starting to hear more people speaking English on the streets, as well as Portuguese, german, french and more. On the plus side we are signing the lease on our new apartment this week, and thanks to the 20 hours of Spanish class the girls took this week we're finally ready for Christmas!


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