getting used to it all....

Well, it's been over a week now since we've arrived and we're slowly adjusting to our new environment. Yesterday we went on a tour to a little town nestled in the Andes. It was great to get out of the city and even more amazing to return "home" to the condo. It made us realize we want to stay in this city and try to find something permanent here.

While we waited for the bus to pick us up Mike took this picture of the condo we're staying in for the month. It's the little wood building in the center.

This is a nice house nestled in the Andes. The bus ride to El Bolson was a beautiful one, but sitting in the back of the swerving shaking bus was pretty nauseating. Poor Phoebe lost her breakfast.

One of the many beautiful scenes outside the bus window on our ride.

Here's the girls on the bridge at a trout farm outside of El Bolson. They're over the pond with the adult fish, 6 to 8 months old. The kids loved this place.

Some of the juvenile trout at the farm. They are 2-4months old. They let us feed the adult trout. It was amazing how these huge fish would frenzy and jump out of the water to get the food.

There were so many dogs and cats at the farm and Naomi loved them all. This saint bernard puppy tried to follow the girls around.

 Phoebe at the trout farm.

This is a tree sculpture near the amazing artisan's market in El Bolson. The market was dusty, but not too crowded with good (and safe) food and a great collection of incredibly cheap crafts. El Bolson is at an elevation of 4000 ft whereas Bariloche is 7000ft so even though it's farther south, it's soo-o much hotter!

This is Rio Azul outside of El Bolson. To get to this vista the tour bus drove up a dusty dirt road quite a distance, through a "barrio" of the town with homes that were missing doors and windows. The tour guide joked that "all these people have such nasty homes with cars that are nicer than mine!"
This is really a beautiful part of the world. I just signed the children up for a week of Spanish immersion. The 20 hours of childcare will be useful while we try and find an apartment. ....


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