Art vs Artist 2023



           For my art-vs-artist of 2023 I decided to feature the art from my children's comic series "The Dragon in The Closet"!

It's been a banner year for this series.I released the first big graphic novel that compiles the first 3 issues (plus some extra). It won first place in many categories in the Outstanding Creator Awards and was nominated for a B.E.A.M. award!

Since I launched the Dragon in the Closet weekly webcomic in 2020 I've had 66,855 visitors come to the site and read my comic. I have over 600 books from this series out in the wild. And the Youtube performances of the first three issues and the AnimaZing Story channel have a combined 18,300 views!
Honestly this is so exciting for me as I have been working steadily on this series since 2017. Keep an eye out for issue 4 in early 2024 -"The Water Devil" is coming soon! Thank you all for your support. You guys are the best.❤️❤️



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