A trip to San Diego and a sweltering summer



A few weeks ago was San Diego Comic Con and Mike and I made the journey north to attend the show.
This is the two of us waiting in a massive line at the Tijuana International Border. It took 2 hours to get across (which is the longest we've ever waited.)

Mike spent the entire show working at the Forbidden Futures booth with a brief hour or two off.

I managed to get some table space here and there with some of my books and sold quite a few. I also spent two hours of the show at the Cartoon Art Museum booth drawing in the sketch-a-thon and scouting for children's graphic novels to include in an article I was writing for Shepherd 's Books.

Probably the best part of going to SDCC was seeing people. Socializing can be challenging in Mexico and suddenly being around SO many people who understand every word I'm saying was thrilling and maybe a little terrifying...

So, yeah , this was me for an entire week. 
 The good news is that I made new friends and reconnected with old friends.

     Our journey home was more challenging. The last day of the convention I wasn't feeling all that well, then the day we were traveling it hit Mike like a ton of bricks. He was crashing on the chairs in the Tijuana airport for 5  hours while our plane was delayed, delayed, and delayed again.

   Since we've been home we've been trying to get back to work and survive the heat and humidity. It's been probably the hottest summer I've ever experienced here. Just a few minutes outside and I'm covered in sweat. Today I took three showers to wash it all off and, yes, it's a cold shower every time!

   This week a wonderful children's book I had the honor of illustrating was just released. This is The Adventures of  Goodie and Kookie Sugar-Ant by RH Bynum:

Anywhere you see a patch of grass, a world exists within it. The “Forest of Obstruction” as it has been named, is a part of that world, and it is where you may see “Giants”. Excitement and danger await the Sugar-Ant brothers while they are in the “Outside World” beyond the ant colony. There are lots of questions and so much to learn. Will the big brother step up and teach his little brother everything he needs to know to survive in their world?

In the next two weeks I have a new book coming out. It's my first activity book for kids. Based on my Andy books, it's full of puzzles, games and coloring pages. A very different sort of book for me to make, but it's been fun!

Anyway it seems to be hot everywhere right now, so be sure to stay cool where ever you are!


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