Mask making and 29 years of marriage

Mike and I had our 29th wedding anniversary last week. This is us at a local resort (before we went swimming). We dated for 5 years before getting married, so I can honestly say I've been with him my whole adult life so far. Not sure where I'd be without him by my side.­čĺľ


Last week  I won a Gold Literary Titan Book Award for my new book "Jabberwocky, Scary Stories For Kids"!

  In other book news I have a new issue of "After The Robots Died" coming out this week it's called "The Eye in The Sand"

Also my children's book, Andy and the Mask of The Dead, has received a book recommendation on the Shepherd books website.

Now that my school year is complete, I've been working hard on mask making. I'm creating some monster costumes for a video being shot locally. So some really big monster masks are in order. I've been painting them on FB live. This is me sanding a mask just before my live.

This is the second monster mask I painted. 

After my FB live yesterday.

 Of course my mask orders keep coming in from my shop so I've been keeping up with other orders. I just completed these ant masks for a client in France. As you can see one is pink and the other is orange to match the insect costumes they have.

Anyway, it's been a busy week, making masks, working on books and celebrating!


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