Photos at the Lighthouse and a New Year


   Yesterday I spent the morning photographing 2 of my students that I have contracted to model for my new Mazatlán children's book.



As you can see these two girls did an incredible job!


    I wrote the story "The Lighthouse Cats of Mazatlán" over a year ago but finding models and getting the shoot done for the book had it completely stalled. I am so excited to start on this project in 2023. Thank you so much girls for your great work yesterday! 


             Tonight is the end of  2022 which was a real ,milestone year for me as a professional. I released five new books, including one in Japanese which is selling surprisingly well, and won books awards for THREE of them. I also taught myself to animate which has been an aspiration of mine for over a decade (though I have so much more to learn!)


I just want to take this moment to thank all my friends and followers! You make everything I do possible. I hope 2023 is the best year for everyone I know!

Happy New Year🥰



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