The evil twins have infected my daughter

This year Phoebe is in a new dorm. She's rooming with her partner, Len and is in a suite on the University of Arizona campus. The other two girls in the suite are identical twins who don't talk to them... AT ALL. She says they act completely aloof even though they share this space.

Generally Phoebe and Len don't care, but over the last week the twins have been coughing. Walking around the shared space unmasked and Phoebe heard one of them say off hand "You KNOW I can't smell anything".
So now, of course BOTH Phoebe and Len have tested positive for COVID-19. They are recovering and in quarantine at Len's parent's house nearby.
I am so livid. In four days Phoebe was supposed to present her research project-which she has been running on a grant she received-at a conference of scientists. She's been working on this for 9 months!!

Anyway, I have been busy in my studio working on masks. Mask orders are piling up as Halloween is on everyone's minds it seems. I am also gearing up for school. I went to "Back to School" night two days ago and art classes begin in October.

Mike is back teaching and working on comics and planning his trip to LA for another comic con. He's also taking a screenplay writing class and his teacher is an older woman who is definitely flirting with him!

Naomi continues to take classes and is helping me run my mask studio, which is literally saving me.

Chloe is also COVID free and has returned to working on her thesis for her degree.

In the meantime, Mazatlán is still like a steambath. Mango season has ended and now our Guava tree is dropping fruit.

Anyway, stay safe and remember to avoid inconsiderate jerks at all costs.


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