Book Awards and a hot, hot summer

Mazatlán is doing it's thing these days. The thing where it's so hot and humid that to go outside is like walking through a steambath.
After every outing is another shower to wash off the sweat and grit of this Mexico summer. Every night is lighting storm as we work our way through the rainy season.
The mangoes have finally mostly fallen off our tree, but for a while the daily bounty attracted a lot of interesting wildlife like this big bird!
In other news, Mike spent last weekend in San Diego, promoting his work at the San Diego Comic Con, which is finally back in full swing!

I stayed home and published my new book,"Alien Farm; Scary Stories for kids"

My first completely wordless book!
Today was also VERY exciting because I just found out 2 of my new books won 2022 Silver Medals in the The Literary Titan Book Awards!!

This is the first award for my series The Dragon in The Closet!

And "Dragon Stones" also won!! Yay!


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