New Patreon Page, a new job and sad discovery on the beach

  Today I have pre launched my YA comic book series, "After The Robots Died" on my new Patreon Page . I have many benefits for members including free gifts, books, comics, and downloads. I'm really excited to start sharing my new work here!

At school my daughter, Phoebe is an astrophysics major and an art minor. Her goal is to work in both art and science using scientific visualization (like trying to create images of a planet based on what we know about it). Anyway, she just landed a job creating graphics and art for Biosphere 2 outside of Tucson!
We visited Biosphere 2 a few years ago and got some amazing photos. This place was fascinating.

This is our little friend Betty this morning in the garage after I fed her. She's still hoping for a real home and we're working hard to find her one. If you know anyone who has room for a sweet cat that hasn't had the easiest life so far please contact me! We will transport her.

This week we've been doing night walks on the beach with our dog. A couple days ago a big sea turtle washed in on the waves. It was very sad. I didn't get photos but lots of people did. Since our sea turtle release day and learning all about them I think it hit me hard. They really are beautiful creatures.


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