Help us help Betty


This is our friend Betty. We used to call her "Buddy" till we found out she was a girl.

She's a street cat that lurks sometimes in our garage follows us to the store and often meets us at our door.

This is her on the patio. She uses the trees to come to our patio door. She looks well-fed but it's all fluff. It's cold at night here right now. We do feed her though because she's truly the sweetest cat.

If you know someone who can take her in, or if you are someone who can take her in, we will get her to you. Even if it means getting on a plane and flying her there ourselves. The lives of Mexican street cats can be very short and brutal. We would bring her in , in a heartbeat, but we have 4 cats already.

Please help us help her. We want her off the streets before hurricane season!

Life continues to roll along. It gets to be a blur since the pandemic began. Phoebe is back at school in Tucson. Chloe is in Alton, Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi with her little Mexican cat. She just started a new job in the last couple of weeks. Naomi continues with her online work and acts as my studio assistant for mask making. 

She just went in for her second dose of AstraZeneca about 10 days ago. Vaccine days are 4 days each month. Mike and I will return next month for our second doses, especially since it looks like they will be doing Carnaval in this city during February. I had so hoped I would feel safe enough to go once they ran the festival again, but I really think it's dangerous with the latest surge.

This is a TikTok video of me drawing the Mouse King! For more videos check out our TikTok Channel!


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