A trip, a jab and more hand turkeys


My month of hand turkeys continues today. 

This is the Starlight Hand Turkey.

Pizza Delivery Hand Turkey

At this point, I have so many new ones that I could create a sequel to my Hand Turkey Book! 

This week has been a busy one with Naomi. Her passport was expired and we had to get a new one, so we spent Thursday at the US consulate here. Even with an appointment, we had to wait a long, long time in the sun on the steps. They closed their waiting area due to COVID and the heavily armed guard only lets you in one at a time. Anyway, bureaucracy makes me anxious, and visiting government offices makes me anxious like I've done something wrong.  However, we did it! Her passport should arrive in 5 weeks! 

Naomi awaiting her jab

I also found out on Saturday that they were vaccinating again at the stadium. Since Naomi was only 17 when we went into San Diego on our Tijuana trip, she was vaccinated with one dose of Pfizer, but never got the second one. So I brought her in for a vaccine. While I was there they asked me if I wanted it and I so, so wish I had said yes. I received the Johnson and Johnson and it loses effectiveness over time. When we go in for Naomi's second shot I will see if I can get one then. 

Anyway, she's having no side effects aside from a sore arm (it's the AstraZeneca) and is back to work on her schoolwork. She's in a high school-college bridge program online.

  This week Mike is packing and leaving for this! He's off to San Diego again for Comic-con, so I have a busy week of airport runs to look forward to!


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