New COVID rules and summer rolls on

 Starting today Mazatlán has rolled out new COVID guidelines for the city. They are now requiring vaccination cards to enter stores or a negative COVID test. The tests are not free in this country (and never have been) which means they have never had accurate infection numbers on Mexico I imagine. Anyway, I did hear second hand they are only requiring this for locals and not tourists, so as per usual COVID rules make absolutely no sense at all!

I am continuing to fundraise for my surgery next month. I had a moment there where I thought I would have to wait for an indefinite period while this latest COVID surge passed over this region. Hospitals are flooded and have no beds. However, my doctor has a clinic that is available. I will have to stay overnight there. Once they finish that surgery I will be evaluated to see if I need a second one and other further treatment.

The good news is that I have a fabulous new book coming out soon!  "Andy and The Mask of The Dead" should be available online in less than 2 weeks!! So exciting!

Also in less than 2 weeks, Mike and Phoebe are nearly done with their summer sessions and are going off to Tijuana to get their vaccinations in San Diego. The stress of having this Delta variant floating around while they get on a plane to get there has me a bit stressed. 

Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying this sweltering summer. The rains have arrived in Mazatlán so we cool down under the torrential downpours each evening! Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask.


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