The Sky is Falling

                                    from "The People That Melt in The Rain"

   I haven't written on here in a while as I've been spiraling emotionally. Recently I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I found a lump on my collar bone and went into the ER to get it evaluated. They gave me an X-Ray, a CT and set me in for a biopsy. Everything is happening incredibly fast and incredibly slowly (I know that doesn't make sense, but hey, I'm upset).

    This week I went in for an extensive ultrasound report. My doctor is trained in the US and is very good. He says the cancer is localized to the left side of my thyroid and NOT in my lymph nodes.  I probably won't need to have the whole thyroid out if I can schedule the surgery soon. I'm all for getting cancer out before it spreads, but I, unfortunately, need thousands of dollars for the surgery to be paid upfront. The surgeon is from Guadalajara and trained in France.

    I would just like to clear something up. Yes, Mexico's system does have its drawbacks when something like cancer happens, but if I was in the US I would not have gone to the doctor to check on a painless little lump. For the last 3 years that we were in the States, our doctor was at the Walgreens clinic. They were cheap and convenient and counted towards our insurance deductible (which was $10,000, before they paid for anything).  Also, everything leading up to this surgery has been affordable. The extensive ultrasound report cost $90 USD out of pocket (no extra bills coming in the mail for things they didn't mention).

     Anyway, this is my GoFundme, and if you can help me out with anything even $10 it goes far in Mexico. We will also be running some art sales soon to help me. I hate to do all this but I'm not ready to give up the ghost. 



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