Now I'm 50!

So much for dying young and pretty! As you can see we went with the fireworks candle for the cake. It's so much fun that fireworks are everywhere in Mexico!
I recently did a really fun interview where I answered questions from kids! It's actually pretty funny, if you have a minute. A few days ago a water truck was doing some work on our street and they knocked out our wifi. Phoebe had a final exam online, so I raced her over to the coffee shop to take it. She still managed to get a 98 after logging in late and taking her test on the patio of the cafe, near the highway! (GO PHOEBE!) It was another 2 days before we finally got Megacable to show up and fix the problem.
In other news, Mexico has won Miss Universe! Oaxaca accompanied her in her victory by wearing that majestic Alebrije wardrobe created by the Oaxacan designer Avelino Roque. Now that's an amazing costume design, I absolutely love it!
I've been busy working on my next comic book series for kids "After The Robots Died" among other project and making masks for various customers.
Things are heating up here in Mazatlán. The heat and humidity has NOT been missed, but it's back anyway. We're still considering going back to the States to get vaccinated, but airline prices have doubled since the pandemic began and I'm still really anxious about traveling there without our shots. I'm kind of hoping at this point Mexico will pick up their pace, but everything here is always "Mañana"....


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