Cold weather?!!

 Yes, we are having a "cold snap". Which in Mazatlán means I have to wear closed-toe shoes and a cardigan or jacket in the evening. We actually love it as I really, really like to wear cardigans. Today the sky was entirely white and I couldn't even see the tower they're building down the street from our patio!  I immediately panicked and assumed it was another volcano!! Ok, maybe that was an overreaction, and after posting on the Mazatlán expat pages I learned it was fog, of course, because we live by the water.

   I'm working on a new book these days.

These are illustrations for "As the Sun Rises, Morning in Mazatlán"

I'm happy with the results so far. I took photos of local people and the area right before Christmas so I'd be able to depict the area accurately.

This one will be available in March in an English version and a Spanish version.

In the meantime, I'm getting some feedback on my book "The Gift From Little Raccoon, a Pandemic Tale"

"Mr. Crow says the humans are sick. What can Little Raccoon do to help his friend the girl feel better? The Gift For Little Raccoon is a touching picture book for ages 0-4 about caring for your friends in times of trouble."

 What people are saying:

"It's a lovely book telling about caring and supporting each other. The story is told through the relationship between a girl who cannot go outside her room which is related to the current pandemic and the animals who are her friends and want to see her smile again. "- Ananya Prechavut, Goodreads reviewer

This week I'm going to a guest on the John Coleman Show about this book, but I don't know when the show will be live. Also, I'm booked as a panel guest about children's books at "Litcon"- a UK Book convention in March.

Anyway, there's much that could be said about the pandemic and world events but it's all a huge drag. As you can see I've given up the "Plague Days 2020" prefix. I will not be doing "Plague Days 2021" because it just makes me too sad. This is the way the world is now so "C'est la vie".


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