A hike by El Faro and a new release!

 It's a new year and the weather is perfect here in the winter so we got out to hike near el faro (which is the lighthouse). We didn't actually make it up to the lighthouse, so that will be a different day.

The view along the ocean was spectacular.

I really loved leaving my studio for a few hours.

Most days we stay home and work or go shopping for supplies. 

Having an outing (and getting Phoebe out who stays home constantly) was really magical. 

                          Obviously, Oscar thinks we need to get out more often too!

   "Little Raccoon’s friend, the girl, isn’t coming outside anymore, and the humans have vanished from the streets. What can he do for her? Will they be ok?"

   In other news my new book, "The Gift From Little Raccoon: A Pandemic Tale"   has been released. That link is to the hardcover, and this is the paperback. It's my first book about the pandemic and is a story about taking care of each other.  

  Anyway, as I write this a new president is being sworn in in the United States. A new era is beginning!

Peace and love and stay safe ­č匭č匭čĺŚ



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