To the Heroes of 2020


   As this first year of the pandemic comes to a close I find myself thinking of my Mom more and more. This is her graduating class from St Luke's nursing school in 1963. She is front row and all the way to the right. While most of these women are likely retired there are scores of people, just like them that sacrificed everything to help the rest of us this year. 

       My Mom passed away decades ago now, but I know that she'd be walking her floor donned in PPE and working through Christmas and New Years' to care for her patients. She did it in the '80s to care for A.I.D.S  patients that everyone was afraid of treating, and she'd do it now just like so many of the medical personnel all over the world.  

    Normally I'd go over some of what happened this year in my life and family, but I think recognizing the people actively on the frontlines of this pandemic takes precedence. 

                             Goodbye 2020!!


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