Plague Days 2020: The Rainy Season is here

    I just spent a rather intense morning hanging mosquito netting over my daughter, Naomi's bed. The big rains have arrived today and with them come the mosquitos. So now we have other viruses to worry about, including Dengue Fever and Chicungunya. The cat is clearly biding her time, and of course the netting was attacked and pulled down in less than 15 minutes after this picture (it's back up now!)

This is Confetti Park in the Centro Historico district. I'm going to be drawing here for the "International Lockdown Streetpainting Festival" hosted by Coloured Earth (the biggest festival of it's kind in the UK). The theme is "Comic Books" which is just what I've been doing lately so it's a really good fit!

This is the image I'll be recreating. I'm so happy to be representing Mazatlán in such a big festival. Now if it would just stop raining for a minute!!

One of the things I truly miss since the coronavirus swept the world is art openings, so we were thrilled when my good friend Nicole LeBoutillier invited us to hers.  We had to come at scheduled times and wear masks, but there was art, people to talk to, friends to see and wine. So it was good!

This is her thesis for her Masters in Fine Art.

She really used the space!
My daughter Choe is running a GoFundme to help her pay for her move to Chicago next month. I know things are tough for everyone right now, but even a few dollars helps get her there.

Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying your pandemic summer. 🤣🤣

Last night at sunset

Buenas Noches from Mazatlán 💞


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