Catching up with the traveling mask project and a new year in Mexico

Over the last 6 months, my fox mask has continued it's journey to photographers around North America.

I continue to be amazed and impressed by the incredible creativity of the people involved.

Some photos have a clear theme.

       Others have an impressive grasp of light and composition.

In all the photos it looks like their really having fun with it.

I'm also amazed at how well my mask is holding up after so much constant shipping.

Anyway, it would be impossible and maybe a bit tedious to share all the photos here.

To check in on the project you can go to Instagram and see them for yourself.

This is a link to the photo club

In the meantime, we're back to auctioning art on eBay this month. This is 2 pages of original art from my comic book series "The Horribles"

We also had a great evening at the First Friday art walk this month. This is a friend Victor Werbin by his artwork at the gallery in Olas Altas. It was nice to bring all three girls out for the event this time.

A spectacular January sunset near our place

Chloe's holiday has ended and on Saturday she flew back to Missouri to start her final semester at Stephen's College. Phoebe is home for a semester and has started a painting on canvas for the February art walk (she's been invited to participate), and Naomi is back to teaching this week at the preschool.

The weather here is perfect these days and tourists have descended on this city in droves. A few nights ago, as we walked the dog on the beach we found a very drunk Candian couple in their late sixties tumbling over rocks near the shore. After falling down, they were just laying there as the tide was coming in. We tried to help them but Canadians aren't as nice when they're blind drunk and they yelled for us to leave them alone! 

Anyway the offseason was incredibly hot but I'm starting to miss it. This place is crowded now and the traffic is crazy! Still, the sunsets never get old here, and we are definitely loving Mazatlán.


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